Monday, April 18, 2011

always the first to bloom at Black Street tiny vivid pink beauties, gorgeously fragrant - Daphne

Courage is a resistance to fear, a mastery of fear
not an absence of fear

Mark Twain

Oh my, Fear - you do get on my nerves. I'm getting much better at fighting with fear - and winning - but some of our tiresome squabbles go on for days & days. Fear loves me ... and I guess I have to admit I kind of like her too, she & I have been together such a very long time.

And this masterful pop song has me bouncin & a boppin' in my spinny office chair - tres catchy !


  1. Things are definitely popping here because my allergies are screaming.

  2. Hooray for blooms!

    Love trounces fear, even when we're exhausted by our fears...

    Booooo for allergies!!!

  3. As always, beautiful photos, Susan. And thank you for your recent comments and suggestions on my doodles.


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