every little thing

Monday, April 4, 2011

oh my, Miss D and I had such a lovely frosty, bluest sky walk just as the sun was coming up

Don't worry about a thing
every little thing gonna be all right

Bob Marley

this frosty beautiful early April morning
something has shifted in me & in us ... in our life together
and quite suddenly every little thing does feel all right
we're scheming & dreaming some big new dreams
it feels amazingly wonderful ... and very exciting

worry pas ...


  1. Delicious frosty leaves. Your opening shot is fab.

  2. Hello Tess ! frosty seaweed on the beach - I love that shot too !! xoS

  3. such pretty frosty photos, susan. keep dreaming and scheming and you know it will ALL come true! ((hugs)) to all of you from willow, bella, zoe and me!

  4. Just the right song for me today....am striving to hold on to the message.

  5. mom says that first shot reminded her of eating Dulse while in Newfoundland! I think she meant it did not come close to be as yummy as a doggie treat....hummm.
    Tail wags,

  6. Oh what fantastically fabulous fotos!
    Wow. I wish I were walking with you's...

    {ps. Am reading London The Novel. It is good, but a slow, concentrated read, otherwise I forget everything. :|}

    {pps. did you pick up The Artists Way yet? I think I may have an extra copy around here somewhere...}

  7. You know Winnie looks like a dog that belongs in a Homer Winslow painting. I don't know what that means exactly but that's what I think sometimes when I see her.


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