Saturday, April 30, 2011

a Bay of Fundy sea urchin treasure from beautiful, haunting Dark Harbour, Grand Manan

Life is so constructed, that the event does not,
cannot, will not, match the expectation

Charlotte Bronte

P-h-e-w !! I thought it was just me with my oh so pie in the sky expectations about every thing & everyone. I'm in a bit of a funk after coming down hard from up on my latest cloud - but I have a weekend of hopeful big time productivity planned to chase that darn funk away.

Idle hands (here at Black Street) is a sure recipe for a blah mind & spirit - or continued funkness

2 songs from our road trip soundtrack - Sirius radio - that darn 70's channel - oh boy !! and the first song goes out to our friend Judy ;-) a song I practiced my very first ever dance moves to.


  1. uh huh !!
    baby, baby still the same

    snort xos

  2. Yeah it's not just you - but I wouldn't necessarily use a Bronte sister as a mood-elevator. Just sayin... better to stick with Seger and Chicago.

    Vid of your dance moves would be a mood elevator over here...

  3. Love this. Quite sensual, actually.


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