smiles & gratitude

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

handsome, handsome (Sam) + Missy D (Winnie Dixon) + 1 Prince OATG* + me + a hayfield

+ waves of rippling gold
+ a sky as blue can be
+ a red & muddy just plowed field
+ field mice to hunt
+ scrunching grass to roll in
+ too many enticing scents
+ a tree line of spruce & birch
+ racing clouds, puffs of white
+ ravens & crows soaring
+ plenty of smiles & much gratitude

* of All Things Good

listen here fields of gold by Eva Cassidy - thanks Chez Caesar


  1. Those are wonderful canine smiles! They look like they are really enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.

  2. it's so true ! they love it.

    Sam & D seem to especially love their walks in the wilds be it barren low tide beach, open fields or shaded forest & their smiles make us smile ...

  3. That Sam is one handsome puppa.

  4. a favorite set in a long time. that first photo should to to UC btw, and thanks for the heads up. guess i didnt make it into the flower show. darn.

    i love all these photos. manifest destiny looking. future is bright looking.

  5. Sam is quite handsome. Miss Winnie is a lucky girl.

  6. Chick - the UC project is no photos - just illustrations, PAINTINGS, drawings etc .... up your garden row
    ;-) & a big you betcha manifesting darn destiny over here, big time !!

    Dani & Shammy Missy D is tres smitten

  7. The third picture is a classic. Two of the happiest words in the English language in the title.

  8. "You can tell the sun in his jealous sky... When we walked in fields of gold"

  9. actually Chez I think I'm gonna put a link to that beautiful song. Thanks for the reminder !

  10. Great shots of all! Did you get your photos hung yet? Tail wags + happy singing.

  11. I didn't yet Moose - but I did get the 16x20 giclee prints and they are gorgeous. Huge ikea frames ready awaiting big mats. I like a big border of white around photos. Woof !

  12. Beautiful dogs on a beautiful walk...and Eva Cassidy! Thank you for reminding me how very much I love her...what a loss she continues to be.


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