our view

Sunday, April 10, 2011

oh my, our view - from this stunning morning's walk avec adored photography assistant D.

Almost every day I think to myself ...
I can't believe I live here
this morning was certainly no exception - wow ! what a view

today it's more yard work, seed planting, book reading, chatting with my sister, tea drinking and lots & lots more happy contented sighing - happiest Sunday


  1. Susan, tried your parmesan/panko chicken recipe and it was a big hit, so much so that my mother has requested it again as her Mother's Day dinner. Thanks for posting it!

    Happy Sunday to you and the gang.

  2. you are very welcome B. Heron xo S

  3. Hi Susan ..
    I am new to the Maritimes and have been trying to place you geographically ... I am in northern NB on Chaleur Bay just east of Bathurst. Could you tell me what harbour you photograph? So enjoy your lovely pictures - but would love to situate them as we try to get our bearings in our new environment ...

  4. Hi Kath, I live in Pugwash about an hour from the New Brunswick border along the coast on North Eastern Nova Scotia - welcome to the Maritimes

  5. You are one very lucky woman!
    My view is ugly. UGH ly!
    But inside things are getting better!
    Have a wonderful week. {It is almost 2am Monday and I can't sleep!}

  6. Thank you Susan,
    I actually have been to Pugwash on my way to Tatamagouche Centreb where I am taking a 3 year course ..somehow I had pictured you on the southern coast ...thanks for helping me out with my Maritime geography. And thanks for the Welcome ... we are loving it here...on Chaleur Bay 'Downshore' it is the awesome sunsets.... ahhh! And the people, of course.
    Keep on blogging ... I enjoy following and celebrating your new-found happiness. Indeed, we are relational people ... life is meant to be shared.
    btw - we are vegetarian here ... but the parmasan/panko recipe may work well with tofu! >g<
    I will be looking back at some of your photos, knowing now where you are.. thanks again.


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