fear less

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

fear less No.1 & No.2 - 5 x 7 - collage, gouache + ink - Susan Black - soon in my etsy shop

fear less,
hope more
eat less
chew more
whine less
breathe more
talk less
say more
love more
& all good things
will be yours

Swedish proverb

price less
Jon Stewart doing his show as Glen Beck -
in Canada watch the entire, too funny, episode here


  1. I love this and it is just what I needed to hear. I am starting to learn Mandarin and have felt so intimidated and defeated, it is difficult to learn a language when you are no longer a kid. But it is not impossible and anything you want badly has to be taken on with a certain level of fearlessness. Thank you.

  2. Very Lutheran Swedish and very true. What a lovely ' fear less ' poster.

  3. thanks & Yoli I am thrilled to help you, even a tiny bit, to feel fear less - Uh Huh ! you go girl.

  4. Beautiful proverb. Lovely artwork. Ahhhhhh...


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