shoulds & wants

Friday, April 22, 2011

a few more blooms from our terracotta gardens

Goodness, 10:00 am already. I'm late ... I'm late.

Shoulds & Wants
subtitled - Far Too Many Great Books

Missy D and I had our lovely long walk up a few streets, cutting through the elementary school playground, down a street, up a street, down a very big grassy hill that edges a marsh filled with red winged blackbirds awake early, busy and singing madly. Down onto the crescent beach with soaring, floating gulls and whitecaps, climbing up a few rocks, and another favourite grassy hill to cross, then around the dining hall and into the park and along the boardwalk back toward Black Street. Miss D knows the route by heart, and trots along practically at a run at the very farthest length of her retractable lead - without ever pulling, she has very good manners my Missy D. I have to almost run to keep up with her - hooray Winnie Dixon !

Bird feeders filled, breakfast made for D & for me - soft boiled eggs, wheat toast & a clementine.
Now, if I had it my way I would finish this post and spend my day whiling away tucked under the covers in the chocolate brown room, with my recent fantastic pile of books from the library, deciding in what order they should be read. Three novels the stories all set on islands (one of which I'm almost finished), a memoir or 2 about living with Autism, 3 books about composting, a great book on spending & living with much less, 2 other new novels, Dorie Greenspan's new big, fat, wonderful cookbook (borrowed from my library a second time), a book on green living & a new favourite Peterson's guide to the Atlantic Seashore - sigh (a book I must have my own copy of). A big pot of tea, a cat or 2 or 3, a down duvet ...

I won't bore you with my nasty shoulds list. We all have them, they're endless, often uninspiring, chore-like to dos & must dos. Yawning. Days like today I try my best to cut a deal with myself. Go mad, as mad as mad can be (sadly my mad as can be in this department is barely mad at all) with a few shoulds, say til 1:30-2pm & then Bonjour ! bring on those lovely wants.

common red seaweeds, mostly Northern - Plate 7 - Field Guide to the Atlantic Seashore


  1. Glad to hear Miss D is her sprightly self. Spring will do that to furry creatures.

    Beautiful Dulse. Can you harvest your own?

  2. hey Sue!

    I'm glad to hear Miss D is so well-mannered. When I take our Mr. B for his morning walk (or any walk) he'd just about take my arm off if I weren't firm with him!

    enjoy the reading, and have a delightful, relaxing long weekend.

    cheers- n

  3. Hey N. Handsome-handsome (Samuel) walks with Doug and Sam had the same pulling habit and at nearly 100lbs it was a drag (pardon the pun) for Doug. Sam now wears a halti and life & walks are a dream - no more pulling.

    you & family have a great weekend too!

  4. Shammy - hope so !!

  5. Ahhhh, Susan, Artist, Animal lover, Photographer, Cook and Dulse Farmer. How sweet will that be.

  6. may there be many chocolate bunnies, cream filled eggs & marshmallow peeps in your near future snort xoxoxoxo


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