Thursday, April 21, 2011

oh my geranium - lit by the gorgeous golden light of the setting sun - how I do love you

Understanding that heavy things can't fly,

she let go of what was weighing on her heart,
the things she could no more control than carry,
and she gave herself a chance...

a chance to reach into the unassuming blue,
to embrace the possibility of an open sky,
and with an open heart.
She gave herself a chance to soar.

Jodi Hills - An Imperfect Life

Soaring. Letting go of my own heavy heart, releasing my cramped grip on another life ...
a life rushing away from me now, a life that seems but a speck on the horizon.
Letting go, can be such a plodding slow process at times ... you barely feel it happening.

But I am letting go. Moment by moment. I can feel it. Thank goodness.
And I'm making room for lots more good things.

and Malay Eagle Owl - Kitty - oh my such sweetness


  1. Love this energy! I've been doing some heavy releasing too, and am waiting for that soaring feeling to kick in. This post gives me hope!

  2. xoxo MS - ya know I don't think it actually kicks in, it's much more subtle, for me anyway. It's like it's just kind of gradually dawning on me that I have almost everything I've ever wanted and then some. I do believe it's because I kept imagining, vividly how I wanted my life to be, how I wanted to feel ...

    Especially if I read from the beginning of this, nearly 4 year old blog, it's pretty much knock your socks off dreams do come true and good things keep comin'.

    I think you're path is very much like mine. Love from us all, Susan

  3. What a babe! Thanks for showing me...SO sweet.
    Happy weekend Susan.

  4. the owl is amazing and i love her soft, sweet words to him as she pets him. or maybe it's a her?!

    i'm determined to grow geraniums this summer with the sole purpose of bringing the plants in next fall and having gorgeous blooms all winter like you do. loooove that!!


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