Wednesday, April 6, 2011

dream big - 5x7 collage - Susan Black - I've gotta thing for pink lately, the brighter the better ??

It's only when you make the process your goal
that the big dream can follow


One thing I've learned over the years is the best way to feel motivated is to begin ...

to start, to just dive in. I can almost guarantee myself that once I've begun, even the most dreaded of tasks - I will stick with it. I really believe with creativity, being prolific is key - the more you do the better you get, the more time you spend creating, the more ideas come flooding in & as difficult as it is, the ultimate secret is to be attached to none of it.
That's one I struggle with constantly, an area of my life where perfectionism rules the roost. I'm always trying to come up with the best idea in my head when most often the very best ideas emerge from the process of "doing" not from "thinking"- god knows that darn thinking gets me into enough trouble as it is.

Dream big ... and then dream bigger still

more lovely inspiration - I love Mati Rose's paintings - love, love


  1. you're up and at'em early today! Sun's shining here. I have a Post-It note on the frame of my computer monitor... "Begin ANYwhere" so you know your message today resonated here! XOXOXO

  2. That is one big fat pregnant dream.

  3. Ditto on the Dream Big!

  4. it's supposed to be
    a big fat cloud

  5. ... a big fat dream(s) cloud

  6. Such a happy cloud!

  7. {quick note as I am on the way out...I can't find the copy yet but will keep looking. I have so much packed away while renovating...I am VERY interested in giving it to you! xo}

  8. i've always found that to be the case with writing as well. don't stew about what to write or what to say. just start . . . do it . . . put the words down. you can always go back and edit.

    dream big -- i'm trying!

  9. Gah - this makes so much sense - to one who tends to get stuck in overthinking - thanks for this!


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