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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Love Lives Here - 8x10 giclee print on 400gm watercolour paper - Susan Black

calm & creative
cormorants* & cosmos
courage & chocolate
confident & content

mind you I've barely left 29 Black Street, which suits my junior agoraphobic nature just fine.

Well I sure am rockin' on this mid August following my mantra of calm & creative. I have so many new ideas for my creative empire (& etsy shop), well ... I can hardly stand it. I'm not allowing myself to over think things, putting all the emphasis on the doing. Doing, doing, doing. If something doesn't turn out exactly how I might have hoped & planned (in intricate, meticulous freakin' detail) in my head - oh well, scan it, list it & I'll create another version, or on to the next item on the ever growing list of creative ideas I must do. I'm having such a hard time pulling myself away from the TTD** which is such a fantastic feeling.

p & p - prolific & productive - hooray me !!

* When the cormorant appears in our life as a message, it is a reminder for us to dive in to what we have been hesitating about. The cormorant teaches us how to dive into the waters of life creatively especially if we wish a new birth.

**TTD - teak topped desk


  1. Did a cormorant visit you? Was he pushing for equal time with the owls?

  2. snort ... the poor cormorant - a tres homely bird indeed, homely but fascinating. must go now and vote for my pie over at the K Kitchen


  3. Sorry darlin', voting is done and Peanut Butter Honeycomb won. But we'll have a pie Dim Sum Sunday and you can make the Italian Meringue.

  4. Hey ! I was wantin' the PBHC so we're good- we're VERY GOOD !!!

  5. I adore your Love Lives Here print :)


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