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Monday, August 15, 2011

Dora, Brittany + Charles - 10x8 giclee print on 400gm watercolour paper - Susan Black

It’s about feeling the fear and/or impatience and moving forward anyway.
What you want, wants you…so walk in faith and claim it.

from Cancer's weekly Tarotscope found here

What do I want ? what do I want ?? yikes. I want for so little yet I want for so much. You can't get what you want unless you're clear on what it is you want. Food for thought while cuttin'& pastin' here at the TTD ... not too much thought ... 'cause that darn thought can get me into trouble. I think we're goin' stick with more faith, less thought - more will, less try

Owls, owls, owls - 14 new little collage owls all matted + packaged up as Lil' Art Cards in my etsy shop. This next 2 weeks is etsy shop a-go-go for me. New giclee prints, new original collages & I'm beginning work on 4 new 2012 calendars including a small OWL wall calendar with 12 of my favourite little collage owls - stay tuned for much more. We're cruisin' & all is calm & creative ;-)

Hugo, Joshua + Morella - 10x8 giclee print on 400gm watercolour paper - Susan Black


  1. Like the sound of those calendars... such sweet little owls. I feel a Christmas order coming on!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, Teasel is indeed a Bedlington lurcher. Named after Bedlington, a town in Northumberland. Teasel's father was a Bedlington Terrier and her mother was a Whippet. So she's a Whippet lurcher, or a Bedlington lurcher, a Whiplington or a Beddy-Whippet, depending on who you ask! I just call her a Beautiful Mutt! x

  2. As you know Kitty I'm completely mad about Teasel - after falling in love with 2 terrier mixes Miss Winnie D & sweet Piper Belle I think I'm now + forever a terrier mix gal. So ... what's bakin' next. Can't wait xo s

  3. I am so loving these little owls. Especially that one with the little sunburst in his belly.

  4. the little owls are so cute! looking forward to a little owl calendar :]


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