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Monday, August 22, 2011

Miss Winnie Dixon + gang enjoying a walk in the meadow behind the Prince's former home*

Be nice
Especially to you


Day 22 (but hey ! who's countin ?) of my newly themed life Calm + Creative.

Over dinner last night (above) I mentioned to Doug that it feels like I've been doing much better emotionally - not nearly so worried & anxious, not so very hard on myself. He answered I think you're 100% better Wow !! he's not one for exaggeration ... It's my confidence which has improved, my self esteem which really was shattered after I lost my best (and almost only) product design customer a little over a year ago & found myself at the beginning of a forced (never the best kind initially) reinvention of my designer self. I lost all my income along with my sense of self - who would I be if I wasn't that self employed, product designer, designing mostly cute, mass market photo frames for stores like Target & Kohls ?? in hind sight it's been a very exciting, scarey at times, big beautiful question ... who the hell are you anyway ? what do you want ? & what's important to you ?? what makes your heart sing ?? all day long

Landing the part time casual job at the post office recently was a huge boost, plus my gradual & steadily increasing etsy profile & sales, a fantastic mention at favourite design blog Print & Pattern (which I'm still feeling the ripples from), being asked to be a guest speaker/instructor at a creative workshop and most recently signing on with UK card & giftwrap company Paintbox. I can finally see real progress ... good things keep coming ... hooray ! my empire 'tis growing ;-)

action = motivation = more action

David Burns - author of the great book The Feeling Good Handbook

This morning before 9am - I'd enjoyed a relaxing coffee in bed with our gang of fur, did my Yoga for Dummies tape, walked with Missy D for 30 minutes (practically cardio 'cause she walks so darn fast - hooray Winnie Dixon), had my hair blown dry by ocean breezes, had breakfast at the TTD- yummy vegetarian frittata (loaded with onions, mushrooms, peppers, spinach, zucchini & cauliflower), cleaned up my computer desk top ... blogged. pat, pat, pat ... patting myself on the back. Well done + Rock on you !!

* the Prince is the full time caretaker of his old homestead, the couple who bought it live away


  1. What a positive post. I have ordered the book you mentioned. Glad things seemed to have turned a corner.

  2. Susan,
    What an uplifting entry. You made ME feel good. Best to you, you deserve it, you worked hard for it.

  3. I'd be happy if you sprained your arm with the patting. I'm thrilled to hear the prince's comment. He's got a front row seat so his opinion is gold plated.

  4. thank you all

    & MLou-est I was quite shocked myself, you know he prefers to err on the side of caution when doling out such declarations so ... me thinks it must be true. It sure feels true;-)

  5. True is true! Tail wags to all.

  6. very nice. you are living well. and print and pattern? also very nice. really makes me happy to read a post like this. that photo with the dog and field and barn is killer.

  7. Hey Moose & Chick - our big, beautiful Sam dog & barn & field.
    It was a perfect late afternoon walk.

  8. Thank you, I needed this - am going through ever more shifts in my own life, and this is most encouraging. Go Doug for being so perceptive, and go you!!!

  9. Yeah - Rock On You! That sounds like a bumpy road you've travelled and it's inspiring to hear your story of slowly but surely staking a new path. I'm very glad for your P&P blog mention as I got to find your beautiful photo's and thought provoking quotes. Day 23 now...:)

  10. Wonderful photos and very inspirational post.


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