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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

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I try. I was trying. I will try.
I shall in the meantime try.
I sometimes have tried.
I shall still by that time be trying.

Diane Glancy

sound exhausting ?? so very tiresome is the ongoing battle of trying vs being

I know that trying to be completely counters the effects of just being but some days I just seem to wake up trying - this morning is one of those mornings. There is not one thing I could pinpoint that has me feeling ... (I'm not even sure what the feeling is) tired ? worried ? sad ? unhappy ? bored ? It's an unidentified familiar feeling of discomfort, one that has the cheering section in my head up and frantically waving their pom poms, shouting Come on You !! Just try harder !! You can Do It ?? We know you Can !! Be up ! Be positive ! Be energetic !!! Go ! Go !! Go Now !!

But how ? just be
silly you ... just be.

Sighing, breathing, smiling & sighing some more.

If you want to be happy, be

Leo Tolstoy


  1. What are the color of your pom poms?

  2. hot pink of course !
    snort :) xoxo

  3. Some days suck. Isn't it you who said: Embrace the suck?...Gimme an S, gimme a U, gimme a C....Maybe we just need more sunshine.

  4. I stand corrected. The military said it first. Here's the Urban Dictionary version:

    Embrace the suck:
    Often used by NCO's in the military. The term would be used when an individual or a group must complete a task that is pointless, tiring, and/or lame.

    NCO: Hey gather up, we need to mow the grass before we are released today.
    Soldier: That's bullshit, we had all day to do that.
    NCO: Well then just embrace the suck and get it done.

  5. Dear MLou-est,

    I ate my 2 (perceived nasty) frogs first ... that helped & I've taught the cheering squad the new routine

    Embrace le S-U-C-K !
    Embrace le S-U-C-K !
    Embrace le S-U-C-K !

    xoxox S

    oh oh !! their doin' the pyramid thing

  6. RAH - RAH - SUCK - BOOM- BAH!


  7. 'salright, 'salright. A little back pat from my end of the ocean to yours.


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