our maru

Thursday, August 18, 2011

task master, fame hound, associate art director, excellent photo assistant, parkour master ...

our Maru ...

he wants me to start his own blog and begin video taping his antics to upload them to youtube.
he'd eventually like his own youtube channel, please + thanks ... just to start

then there's the book(s), the calendar, the screen savers, the coffee mugs, the web site & so on


oh my goodness
I'm crazy about that cat


  1. Cat in a box. I think he's perfect for Youtube. Especially when he's wearing his toolbelt and hardhat.

  2. Ah, Oliver.... never mind YouTube; he needs his own full-length feature film.

  3. ah ha !! Rachel and you were writing his leading cat script weren't you ? Millie & Oliver hit les big screen.

  4. So you need to start a blog for Oliver and translate it into Googlized Japanese. Voila! You've out-Marued Maru.

    At my house that would be Big Cat + Small Box = Bliss.

  5. stunning first photo. is maru the tail end of kobayashi?

  6. My kids will be all over your movie and its associate merchandise. We'll fund your retirement. Heh

  7. He is charismatic... I think he would be great in a movie, or on a mug, or anything he chooses to do! I would love to see him in action... a parkour film, perhaps?


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