fish truck friday 5

Friday, August 12, 2011

perfect summer supper - sea trout with lemon, chives & garlic with farmers market vegetables

new potatoes, green & yellow beans, carrots & sugar snap peas all from the farmers market

Lemon Chive Garlic Oil

1 large lemon - juice + finely minced zest
1/4 - 1/2 cup good olive oil
2-3 large garlic cloves
a big bunch of finely minced chives

Spread this mixture over thin fish fillets, broil or barbecue 5-12 minutes

and more owls

please meet Dora & Richmond - collage, gouache & ink - Susan Black


  1. Look at those pretty little beans. Yummy trout and YAAH, more cute little owls.

    Doing the Fish Truck Friday dance.

    Don't forget to vote for your favorite pie.

  2. I voted, a few days ago. It was a toss up between PBCHComb (crack to me) + actual crack pie. Although the lime berry meringue pie would thrill me too & it sure is lookin' like it's gonna win. Can't wait!!

  3. owls and salmon. like peas in a pod. delicious, both.

  4. Should those owls become pins in your etsy shop? Colour transfer on linen or paper with a pinback badge.

  5. wheels a churnin'
    always thinkin' xoxo

    merci mlou

  6. Gasp - oh the cruelty! This is all I have to say. Except to add that forks don't work on computer screens. Sob...

    Also. Strawberry pie!!!!!

  7. as b.e. would say: "Put a pinback on it"!

  8. Susan, these "fish truck friday" posts so resonate with me.

    We had a fish truck too that traveled up our rural gravel road and would pull into the yard on Fridays.

    Now I know I am a Maritimer and all but I don't eat fish or seafood (i know, i know...don't hate the hater)--HOWEVER I remember as a child yelling to my father "The fish truck is here! the fish truck is here!"

    I forgot about this small rural ritual until you started posting your 'fish truck fridays'.

    And i love Dora in all her green feathered finery.


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