Saturday, August 6, 2011

looking out into the straight from our walk along the crescent beach - a few days ago

and from this morning's sunshiny, blue sky walk with my shaggalicious girl - Miss Winnie D


  1. 'morning, sue!
    i love this kind of shot - where the sky is almost indistinguishable from the water - just the barest of horizons to delineate it. and calm indeed - i don't think i've ever seen the ocean look like that here on the south shore!
    hope you're having a dreamy weekend. we're frantically packing and moving stuff: only one more week here in paradise = boo-hoo!
    any chance we're going to see you during b.e./tara's visit? avec mlou, peut-etre?
    xo - n

  2. ??? Where are you moving ??
    back to the city ? happy weekend to you & the girls ;-) xoxo s

  3. Winnea shagilissima, very rare.

  4. Hey ! Benny & Lily
    woof xo

    she sure is John !!
    ;-) from both of us

  5. I love the colour of the sand/soil where you are. Our Australian beaches feature the whitest of soft sands that contribute to the glare factor in a big way. Interesting to see something so different.


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