oh my, saturday

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Henry - petite collage owl can also be found hanging out with his pals Frank + Roman here

oh my ... bonjour saturday

sunny, a clear blue sky & a warm breeze coming in from the water
the annual summer mackerel fishing tournament- the sound of boats, and boats & more boats
a lovely long walk with a pair of kingfishers (hooray) + my shaggy gal Missy D
off to our fabulous farmers market for browsing, chatting & shopping
to the hardware store to order in a few more terracotta pots
to the post office to say hello to my new coworker and drop off a key ;-)
to Monty's our fantastic vintage second hand store for more pillowcases with flowers
I'll do loads of laundry to hang on the line
I'll make a big double batch of dog cookies some for our friend Maggie Sue
and then back to the teak topped desk for more collage a-go-go - a tres perfect saturday

I should do some housekeeping ... but ya know I won't

another from the soundtrack of our big love story - Ryan Adams


  1. Housekeeping or king fisher stalking? I think you know what wins in my book.

  2. I so wanna bring my girls to your place for an art playdate with your little gal pal...


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