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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

occasional unexplained blur

oh no

my fantastic, adored, nearly 10 year old camera is dying ... thankfully it's a slow death, marked by occasional blurry images, & giving me time to ponder it's future replacement - and there will be a replacement. Technically there is, and has been, a freeze on any & all superfluous spending here at Black Street 'cause basically I'm broke but the thoughts of living my life without a good camera ??? well that would just be wrong, & therefore a new camera I believe to be a necessity.

I have been buying cameras at Carsand-Mosher for as long as I can remember I'll once again use their expertise to help me decide which one to buy - it must have super macro function and be easy to use but other than that I'm open to having a big, long camera conversation.

oh yes - I'm so in LOVE with Pitt pens - and oh my (or oh no) they come in 48 colours - hooray.

oh yes
- also in LOVE with Jonathan Franzen - my current favourite author with more quirk & character in one page of his big, fat novels than you can shake a dying camera at. Currently reading Strong Motion after loving both The Corrections and Freedom.

oh yes - could my new low/no carb eating plan (no sugah, no gluten) be alleviating my life long struggles with depression & anxiety - I think maybe - hooray !! plus steady weight loss. I feel clearer, calmer & happier with lots more energy and you stop craving carbs & sugar instantly.


  1. Ohhhh, this is not good. It's like losing a limb. I have to say Nikon has been a workhorse for me. We need to have a Etsy Buy Drive so we can get you a new camera.

  2. Once again Susan comes through... Curious about this Carsand-Mosher place--never heard of it--I followed the link and found they do Shoebox Scanning, 500 prints, $100. I have been looking for a reasonably priced service for six months, gave up. I will let them know how I found them.

  3. John - how terrific is that !!! they are a fantastic family run company that I've been dealing with since my art college days (not saying how many years ago that was). & wonderful to have all your old photosarchived :-)

  4. ruh-roh, and agree with the Etsy drive idea. Owls for all!

  5. i just bought some candy bars that are gluten and sugar free. they are called grain sweet. the sweet comes from brown rice somehow.

  6. Susan, we want to know more about this sugar/gluten free low/no carb plan you are working. ANYTHING that helps my husband's out of control anxiety and depression is welcomed.

    Can you tell I am playing "catch up" on many missed posts?


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