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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

earl, rosalia + harriet - 10 x 8 giclee print of original collage {ink + gouache} - Susan Black

love lives here No.2 - 8 x 10 giclee print of original collage {ink + gouache} - Susan Black

henry, frank + roman - 10 x 8 giclee print of original collage {ink + gouache} - Susan Black

love you for like ever No.3 - 10 x 8 giclee print of original collage drawing - Susan Black

OK - here's the thing

the more I do,
the more I want to do*

that's why I've always loved that expression - action = motivation = more action - before I came across that saying I was completely guilty of waiting for inspiration to hit me, for la muse of motivation (enemy of procrastination) to bonk me on the head with her giant magic wand to stir in me some get-up-&-go juice - I wasted a lot of time waiting for her. But if you begin, anything, chances are when you're a few minutes into it - she'll show up. So begin, just begin ... it works for me*

I don't want to stop. I feel slightly hostile (on occasion) toward activities or persons requiring me to break away from my current, happy, creative craze. I feel driven. I feel passionate. Don't get me wrong - if I were to allow myself to critique almost everything I make, everything I do - I'd have plenty of negatives to say I should have done this, wish I hadn't done that, well that entire thing was a big ol' waste of time but I don't really ever go there. I just decide what's up next.

Every single thing you do teaches you something.
Every little thing you do pulls you forward, in some way,
into the next thing & in my experience lately, that next thing,
is always something just a little bit bigger & a little bit better.

* unfortunately this magic spell does not, at this time work with housecleaning activities (with the exceptions of bed making, laundry doing & fridge tidying?) - where are those 7 mute, invisible valets when ya need them ?


  1. thought I'd leave myself a comment.
    cannot bare that 0
    hey you !! xo S & les Gang

  2. Leaving your own comment? Now that IS initiative!!

    I love that your get up and go is getting you up and going.

  3. Sorry, normally I'd be so happy to see you so expired....if I weren't so busy with my new pup. Who enjoys jumping fences. His name is Jackson....Action Jackson.

  4. Bwhahahahahhah, inspired bwhahahhahah. I'm the one who's expired.

  5. Hooray hooray hooray!! Love the Love Lives Here #2, well love all of them really.


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