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Monday, November 7, 2011

I am sad to say goodbye to the season of hot pinks & sweet peas & poppies & oranges & ...

Think of letter forms & words
as drawings & paintings

me recent potential profoundness from my morning pages

I'm happy to be taking part in Poppytalk's Handmade market for the next 2 months-check it out
I'm sad my camera (10+ year old Olympus C5050) is dying a terribly slow & unreliable death
I am very excited to be splurging on a brand new camera, make & model yet to be determined
I have 3 retail/wholesale customers this year, I'm busy preparing bundles of Black Street wares
I am in complete awe of the stunning, tres sophisticated portraits showing up at Studio Morran
I am determined to keep trying to do my best (all the while trying not to try too hard). sigh
I want to use my imagination more & more & more & more ... & more & more
I will continue to be as nice as I can be to myself ... and of course to others as well
I will keep on keepin' on. Head down, breathing deeply & letin' that darn mind go blank :-)

The Possible's slow fuse
is lit by the imagination

Emily Dickinson


  1. Beautiful - love the quote...

    I just posted this quote on my blog, I think it fits here too. By Oriah Mountain Dreamer: “Many years ago the Grandmothers, the women elders who I see in my night dreams, said to me : “Oriah, there is never any need for or healing in harshness.” I’ve found it to be true. Looking at ourselves or others without the clarity that mercy and compassion offer, without the wisdom of tenderness, does nothing to help us heal old wounds or find solutions for difficult situations (personal or collective.) May we allow our breath to bring awareness and a softening of any harshness that arises toward ourselves or others.”

  2. Eeps - that was longer than even my usual lengthy response. Heh. Love the juxtaposition of quotes though...

  3. i swear it seems we are so often in the same space. I pulled way back today on control and the illustration is much better. and very euro! looking at those pages - im very impressionable.

    PINK is lovely. I will miss them too. however your grays are killer too.

  4. Wonderful hot pink. My possible has an extremely slow fuse :-)


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