Saturday, November 12, 2011

evening sky over our little harbour one day this past week

I’ve decided to be happy
I’ve decided to be glad
I’ve decided to be grateful for all I ever had

I’ve decided to let go of all this pain tonight

I’ve decided to let go of all these demons inside

I know I am blessed

I know all I ever wanted was this

I know I don’t need more

I’ve got what I came for

I’ve decided to be open to the little voice inside
Telling me I am beautiful it’s ok to be alive

I’ve decided to be kinder to myself when I feel sad

I’ve decided to be grateful for all I ever had

Copper Wimmin - kinder

After a big long phone chat yesterday afternoon with best friend MLou she sent me this video. Perfect timing as usual as my own lil' demons arrived completely out of the blue poundin' on the back door (& my heart) early last evening. Those demons, lately, mostly have to do with my perception of the inhumanity of the humans who live near & around me (thankfully I don't allow myself to think much broader than my own back yard or I'd really be screwed). I honestly don't "get" that the world is a great place, it seems to me it is increasingly heartbreaking. Last night as Winnie & I walked up the front path to 29 Black after our suppertime stroll I thought to myself my heart with age is getting softer instead of harder. Weaker not stronger. I guess that's both good & bad. I don't think I expected that to happen to me as I got older, I certainly didn't plan for it. And at times I don't know how to be kinder to this ol' heart.

I know that I am blessed
I have decided to let go
I have decided to be happy,

I am happy & I am at times sad.
I sometimes feel heartbroken.
I guess that's OK ... it's who I am

Be kinder to you

*beautiful & amazing voices I'm passing this on to our friend Amy


  1. oh wow! what an amazing way to start my day... I try hard each day to be conscious of all that's good in my life... and this song is a wonderful boost and addition to the long list! Thanks, Susan...

  2. Susan that's BEAUTIFUL - thank you so much for thinking of me with that song. It's so beautiful!! And a perfect theme song for today, my moving day!!! (Yes, I got the keys to the cottage early!)

    May the softness in our hearts give us a greater depth and strength, even though it's not the strength we expected to find...

    Thank you SO much, Susan!! Hugs and, as Moose would say, tail wags all around.

  3. You are amazingly positive. I have to admit, I've gotten softer as I age.

    That was some great acapella.

    I appreciate but don't understand people like you, who are always trying to be positive. I envy you.

  4. We do indeed have so much to be grateful for, but I do think if anyone operates on an empathic level it takes its toll. You have all the keys in this post for a gentle dealing with this way of being in the world.
    I am long overdue for a visit here Susan. I think your poppy painting in the last post is wonderful.

  5. of course the depth of which you feel and aboserve the world is what makes you the artist. is it worth it? a resounding YES.

  6. Goodness curmudgeon (&hank you for your comment)... I feel as if I am really very negative, certainly when it comes to life outside my own small bubble world (approximately .5 mile squared) which thankfully I only leave when I absolutely must.

    It's not so much that I'm trying to so much to be positive I'm trying to stop the pain & ache that I feel when I look around me

    & merci K9 my friend xo s


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