Wednesday, November 9, 2011

1). sample month - November - Harriet 2). back cover 3). front cover

more .. shameless self promotion

uh huh !!

owls 2012 - 14 page mini wall calendar (including front & back cover) 6"x9" - available now !
Each owl is named and has a short descriptive sentence regarding their individual character.


  1. april is my favorite. they are all charming. congratulations you are on Morran's page today!!

  2. thank you sweet pea !!
    I'll be looking for you
    over @ Studio Morran
    xo S & Missy D

  3. Ha -that's great! November's font preference is cute. Love them all, especially July.

  4. Ha! Harriet's caption made me laugh/snort out loud! They are so sweet!

  5. Is it a flock of owls? Or do they have another name for a big group of owls?

  6. Just a quick note.... it's actually called a "parliament", Mom retired from the Colorado Division of Wildlife and seems to retain A LOT of trivia! A bunch of Snowy Owls is called a Blizard LOL!!
    Tail wags,

    PS...we love them ALL.

  7. Love these!! Love owls, always.
    My birthday month of April is adorable.
    And December.... and October..... and September....
    et al!


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