Friday, November 18, 2011

Oliver (most excellent, talented, athletic, handsome, yada yada yada, associate, friend & cat)

oh oh someone's been surfin' the net again.

It's a cat's to rule situation here at the 29 Black Street CE* headquarters. Oliver is threatening to move to TO (Toronto). He wants to work for John Street an ad agency (after watching the video below) where apparently, he thinks, they would "get" his vision (eye roll by me).

The following list of firm suggestions was delivered yesterday to the TTD** (surprisingly his list of demands does not include more money, whiskas temptations or cosmic catnip)

1. more autonomy (more ??? another exaggerated eye roll from moi)
2. an expense account
3. a travel budget (England No.1 destination, apparently a hot bed of catvertising & home of M. Millie with the black nose - FYI to me - there are direct flights daily between Toronto & London)
4. a bigger more private office (still with a harbour view please)
5. more play !!!! (he's suggested I study the blog of now world famous Maru for tips + recommendations about how to keep your cat creatives happy, productive & rockin' with ideas).

*CE - creative empire
** TTD - teak topped desk


  1. I think somebody's cat is still living in the '90s.

  2. whatchabetalkinabout ShammySham ??
    Diva-ishness perhaps xos

  3. we here in Colorado are all for it Oliver! ... so much in fact, yesterday our cat Sheldon had his teeth cleaned at the vet. It may take years to recoop teeth cleaning expenses before he heads to Toronto, but it is on his bucket list to say the least. I am just happy to stay put + be petted! Tail wags. ~moose

  4. Promises, promises, says Millie, with a mournful sigh.....

  5. :) felice di aver trovato questo blog ... Al link sotto my cats

  6. Just loved this "catty" post, the marvellous video & of course the pix of the distinguished Oliver.
    Thank you for your good wishes on the new house and for the unending pleasure I take in your beautiful photographs.


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