Thursday, November 3, 2011

hand drawn typography + hand inked 2ft x 3ft (22X32) 2012 poster calendar - Susan Black

Continuing trying not to try so hard while remembering to keep on trying lots of new things. To trust my gut and try again if my first try didn't feel right because it felt like I tried too hard. Sigh.

Remember this first version ... meh (love that word) try saying it with me & make a face while you're doing it. OK all together now ... meh. That first version was a perfect example of me trying too hard. Trying to emulate something I'd seen, something that had inspired me but not doing a very good job at my emulation. Half a**ed. This new version feels right ... or as right as anything ever feels to me. OK I'm off now to try something else new.

(sung like a chorus of angels)


  1. I still really like the original version. And I like this one too.

  2. That was completely captivating. I love the colors of the first one, though I'm not really a person who ought to be weighing in on that, since it doesn't involve high notes. Heh. The saying was BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for putting it into art.

  3. OK I just went back and clicked the link to your ACTUAL first version and it seems to me (speaking as a potential customer not as a sister artist, you understand) that there's no reason to choose between versions. Different folks might like different ones. If that makes sense.

  4. interesting. you can barely discern the difference but i know just how that is. I like them both actually, and of course you are on trend (not an insult!) with the word art thing. but of course, you were on that way before it became a "thing".

    pinterest note: wow. that upcycled german messenger bag. I might buy that. Im serious. and the one you picked is the best of their collection. great eye!
    I am painting on black tomorrow and kind of minimally.
    I wish i had handled Morran this way. *sigh* day late dolla shoat.

  5. meh ... snort

    Hey Chick can't wait to see your new piece ... show me for sure, please.

  6. You really have been calendar busy! I like both...but I really like the Owls. MEH.
    Tail wags,


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