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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

139 steps from our front door & from this early morning's walk with Winnie Dixon

This old brick house has a harbour view-especially from the second floor, home of les office. I have lived here for nearly 19 years & hearing and watching the big salt ships come & go continues to thrill me still. Last night as I worked away at the teak topped desk I first began noticing a hum & a vibration thinking it might be a ship I peered out my big windows into the inky blackness. Nothing. I continued on with my work the humming & vibrating sensation feeling stronger. Then the familiar clang-clang-clang-clang-clang-clang of the anchor dropping, which happens just before they come into my view & to slow the ship down as it enters our little harbour and gets nearer the large cement wharf. I think to myself I knew it was a ship. You can actually feel them before you see them. Sure enough the next time I looked out into the blackness what looked like a small, several story, city block was gliding by my windows. I never ever get tired of that thrill, the thrill of ships gliding by ... 139 steps away from my home.


  1. Show us the ships in your artwork. How would they look?

  2. Thanks for the comment Shammy - it's funny as much as I love the ships I'm really not at all drawn to them in any sort of arty way (other than photography that is). I feel like painting natural things bugs & fleurs, chats & dogs ... shells, seaweed, birds & crabs maybe ;-)

    xoxo les gang
    kisses to Jackson from Missy D & Sam

  3. hey Susan!
    that reminds me of one if Sarah Harmer's early songs, from when she was still with Weeping Tile. I think the song is "The High Way", and she sings about hearing "the rumble inside...cement ship goes by". From their first album, Cold Snap. I remember sitting in the lift gallery back in VisComm 1 feeling that rumble when the container ships steamed past in the harbour!
    cheers - n

  4. hey n.
    How goes the new home reno - would love to see pics. At least the before.
    I'm jealous really I think that would be a very sweet place to live. xo s


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