trying (not to)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

late october love & goodness

I'm trying,
I'm really trying,
not to
try so hard

'tis the secret
I do suspect

thistles will forever remind me of this - 2 years ago


  1. My goodness, is it two years already? How time flies! Didn't it feel magical at the time? Doesn't it still?

  2. Me too - trying not to try so hard - it's hard...

  3. 2 years ahhhhhh...... it is magical I think, but then I am a romantic!
    Enjoy + tail wags always.

  4. October 30th 2 years ago our first dog walking date. Uh ! Huh !! so many big ol' dreams came true on that day.

    Note - Bess, the goofy chocolate brown lab decided to move to Ottawa with Doug's ex so she could live the big city dog life. She calls on a regular basis to chat with Missy D & she's got a big ol' crush on Sam(uel).

  5. Now, there is something to celebrate!

  6. Well I was going to say, I esp love your second photo here but then , as usualy, you present so many good ones that it's hard to choose a fave.

    Love that little poem too.


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