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Thursday, November 10, 2011

3 amazing little painting-a-day paintings from Mindy Carpenter - tres inspiring

I go about my days with a watchful eye, and when I notice something, I take a mental photograph of it. Later I explore how these objects can be metaphors for some greater human feeling of tension, harmony, loneliness, or embrace.

I begin a piece by sketching the object. I make small studies on paper, usually pairing two objects together in an uncomplicated composition, using the honesty of raw pencil line, stitching, cut paper or fabric and a light color palette. I then use those small works as studies for the larger paintings.

I am interested in the act of drawing. There is a fascinating renewable nature to the creation of art – making something from nothing, over and over again. I seek to communicate about tenderness and wonder, with a slant of optimism and hopefulness. When I work with my hands, I am reminded of the immediacy of a moment, and my ability to take care, mend, represent, reflect and find a willingness to be compassionate.

Rebecca Rebouche - another amazing inspiring artist her web site here

Her description of how her own art making evolves really resonates with me (the only exception perhaps being my obsessive love to take actual photographs of every thing). I've been flying at top, top speed lately & admittedly I really haven't a clue how to fly but I'm doing it anyway. I'm smashing into some sudden, sinking, terrible dark clouds of turbulence here, there & everywhere but always, just at my breaking point, when me + myself are getting ready to have a big dramatic I quit hissy fit - our little plane breaks through the clouds and into a spectacular, wide as the widest ocean, clear blue, cloudless sky ... & I carry on another day ... hour or minute.

So many goods things, growing things, learning things are all around me - why ?? focus on the few little jagged edged bad things, negative things, worrisome things ? Take a breath will ya ?
I mean it. take-a-breath

This week we've been mentioned here & here & here ... hooray for little good things.

ps - I would LOVE to do a portrait of your dog, cat, fish, etc ... (with cards or not) email me


  1. Funny, tender, festive...sums it up well! thanks for the links, great job!
    Tail wags,

  2. Hooray for breathing, flying, and creativity. Thanks for sharing the others' paintings and thoughts as well...


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