Wednesday, November 16, 2011

pretty pink peonies from the terracotta gardens of 29 Black St. - polaroid sx-70 - Susan Black

Hey ! I designed 2 Valentine's Day cards for American Greetings* - here + here - exciting !!!
& heard yesterday on fav CBC radio 1 show Q - ohmy Kate - reminds me of my NSCAD days

* & am working on another design for them as we speak - hooray !!


  1. Wooohooo on the design work. Hot pink is next.

  2. Love the cards, can't wait to see the next ones. Tail wags.
    PS...we are into circles here as well!

  3. Hey Susan!
    Circles are ALWAYS good. I'm rediscovering the basic grid, myself, and having tons o' fun with it. Love the peonies, and CONGRATULATIONS (avec angelic choir) on the cards. I'm going to be hanging my design shingle back out in the near future, and it's nice to have some inspiration! My computer is currently at the vet's getting a new HD, but i will send some before/afters when I'm back online. Currently running everything from my 'phone = yikes!
    cheers - n

  4. thanks you loyal crowd
    of commenters!! & n. looking forward to B & A's

  5. That Kate Bush song is from my NSCAD days too! I love that whole album. Thanks.


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