uppin' the ante

Saturday, November 19, 2011

from a series of photographs of things gathered - from les vast & plentiful iphoto archives

That's the thing about the journey I'm on - I'm forever uppin' the ante, stir that with just a smidge of obsessive compulsive perfectionism (in all things except house cleaning I'll willingly confess) and that's one big ol' carrot constantly dangling in front of moi. Further, better, faster.

& ya know ... I secretly love it, thrive on it & I know it makes my many neurosis all herd together to sit quietly in the back row of my mind. Not a peep from them for days on end. I've been in a wee phase of go-go-go, multi-tasking, wearing several hats, doin' more freelance, learning new stuff, planning for 2012, high speed, rampin' up for holiday etsy/wholesale order season & by 9pm when my head hits the pillow and I crack my latest good read my body (& mind) are still vibrating from all the to-do's, should- do's, OMG wanna-do's, don't you dare forget to-do's & on - you get the drift. I'm w-o-u-n-d up, way too wound up but I know now to breath deeply for a few minutes it has a near instantaneous calming effect. OK & another, deep, slow, inhale through the nose .... ahhh ... hold for just a sec, now exhale slowly .... slowly, slowly, slowly & again as needed. It's the simplest thing & it's the best thing. It works. I tell those kids in the back row to shhhhh the movie's about to begin, I open my book & off we go to someone else's life.

I love lovin' what I do ... hmmmm ... let's just leave that at - I love lovin'

I'm guest posting tomorrow over at my creative empire guru Deanne Fitzpatrick's blog tomorrow. I'm doing a series of posts on design. Uh Huh ! What is it I do ? & how the heck to I do it ? It's all about process ! & ya know I love's me some process ;-) - happy, happy weekend !


  1. Okay Susan, now where did you put that reading list you used to keep on your blog? I'm starting a vacation and looking for suggestions.

    Jealous of your sea glass and shell collection.

  2. Hi John ... & you ain't seen the half of it (or the one 45th of it). My book list is here at goodreads.com I've been meaning to put Oliver (on the stack of books) back up on my sidebar with a link here

    love it - best place to hunt & keep track of books read & want to read, read reviews from fellow members etc...


    best book lately Ann Patchett - State of Wonder & Jonathan Franzen's Freedom or the Corrections (both are wonderful big, fat books & seriously funny).

    My contraband to vous must be stuck at the border - ya know you have to watch out for us Canucks ;-)

  3. Thank you Susan! A trip to the library is now planned.

    I hope that contraband shows up before Tuesday!


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