Thursday, January 5, 2012

Haven & Joy No. 1 - 8.75 x 11.50 - original mixed media collage drawings - Susan Black

By seeing the seed of failure in every success, we remain humble.
By seeing the seed of success in every failure we remain hopeful.


Back in the saddle (so to speak). Messin' around again. One of my big goals this new year is to schedule my time - to the hilt. I'm just one of those people who is tres comforted by a plan avec a detailed to-do list. It's a bit like having a map or maybe an itinerary (another love of mine). I am not a spontaneous person (in that sense). Although this new collagey, botanical-ish, mixed media, drawing, floral stuff I've been messin' around with is as spontaneous, as free & as brave as I've been in a very long time. When I begin these pieces the only 2 things that are planned are the coffee stained piece of watercolour paper & I choose my palette - I know from past failures that I love a limited palette and by limiting my palette, my chance of actually feeling successful at the end will be greatly increased. That's how I feel now - tomorrow that all could change.

To be honest when I completed these 2 new pieces on Mon/Tues (2 of 3 days through the week that I've blocked out for me & creativity - in other words Making New Stuff !) I didn't really like either of them, I felt that oh so familiar initial pang of disappointment. That heart sinking, oh my, have I wasted my time again ? thought rushing through my mind. But then I remembered something absolutely crucial I really don't like any of my work in the beginning. It's true ! I'm always in that weird head space when I'm creating something new & unfortunately I fill that head space, unconsciously, with so many expectations & ideals - it's almost impossible to not be disappointed. The solution - no opinions needed. On to the next.

I didn't like this piece when I first made it. I was super critical of it - thought it was w-a-y too busy. I smacked myself plenty with the well-that-was-a-big-ol'-waste-of-time stick. Now 6 months or so later I look at it and I can't believe I did make it. I look at it with wonder. I love it !! really love it !! and that opinion will change too, as my work & tastes evolve & morph into the next phase or thing. So I'm just gonna keep on makin' stuff.

believing Ira, making stuff & being brave(r) ... every single day.

He who is brave is free



  1. Funny cause I think they are some of your best - i love this type of collage/mixed media..:)

  2. I love the piece that says "joy." It's one of my favourite words and the colours are beautiful.

  3. Hey Joni ... that's the funny thing. It's like when you leave the house to go and do errands, take a quick peek in the mirror & think to yourself "ughhhh my hair looks so gross" & then the first person you run into tells you "you look fantastic !! I love your hair "

    ?!?! ;-)

    I think it's almost impossible to be objective about "anything" that has to do with yourself. So the secret I think is not to ever try. xoxo S & les Gang

  4. I am a "greenish/browns" natural color we LOVE the second piece of work. Will the kiddos be working on something similar?!
    Yippeee for itineraries!!!
    Tail wags,

  5. I love that big crazy red flower and I'm glad you are back messing around.

    xo mlou

  6. Oh Hello MS ...of course it was fun, easy ... and I can't wait for next week. (eye roll) sheesh !! xo s

  7. Oh wow I love both of these pieces! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on how you feel after making your art as I have similar feelings, one painting I did I was too embarassed to show it on the net but took it to a market anyway and I sold it within one minute of the market opening and I have a photo of it in my portfolio and someone asked me to remake it... just goes to show you even your own art that isn't your cup of tea is someone elses joy!
    Well done look forward to seeing more!

  8. You must be on some sort of Canadian Crack because I love both of these, especially the greens and the painted, slightly shadowed JOY.

    Silly Wabbit.

  9. Thank you Neenish - that's exactly the kind of thing I'm talking about. It's best to just "do" & try not to critique hard as that is to do.

    Shammy so funny with the greens - not my go-to palette but I will be doing more green to blue stuff & you knew I was a silly wabbit xox Susan

  10. It's rare that I like something immediately after I've finished it. I think it's quite a common response!

  11. I LOVE those pieces especially Joy No 1 which has such a gorgeous colour palate that I'm gonna have to Pin it! I admire the way your create flowers. I think it's hard for creative people to like their work. I don;t know about you, but I just see me all over it like a mirror. I know you love quotes so here's a good one
    "Every artist dips his brush into his own soul and paints his nature into his pictures" Henry Ward Beecher.
    Keep making and sharing. Claire :)


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