Saturday, January 7, 2012

this mornings walk along the harbour beautiful, monotone, grey & white & shaggy black

Opportunity arrives from all directions
a new affirmation taped to my computer along with these 3 others

Every time I turn around I get another cheque in the mail
Stolen, word for word, from Cheryl Richardson

The best thing about my work is that I can always
try new things & get better
found online at designsponge I think

Life loves me, Only good lies before me
another from Cheryl Richardson

4 affirmations taped to my imac

I'm celebrating and it's only been a week, 7 short days, into this new year. My life at the moment is so wonderfully rich & busy I keep pinching myself. New & exciting opportunities are zinging at me from every direction & I'm LOVIN' it. This is how my life is supposed to be. I'm living at a pace where I just barely fit everything in - though I'm not really rushing (I do hate to rush) ... each & every day is jam packed full of goodness. Thank you M. Universe & keep it comin' please

happy weekend !!


  1. Beautiful snow,I have to indulge in it.

  2. Oooh, exciting!

    But rather chilly pictures. No primroses yet! (said smugly.....)

  3. That looks so beautiful. I presume you have thermal socks and boots.

  4. Hi Angus it is stunning. I swear every time Miss D & walk the handful of steps from our front door to the point where the harbour first comes into view - it takes my breath away - it's different looking each & every time I look at it & I especially love these dark brooding mornings, the blue greys contrasted with the clean, white, new layer of snow.

    Dressing layered in down & fleece is key. xoxo to Wilf love, from us (Susan, Miss D & Samuel) & les chats of course

  5. Your walk looks like mine and Conrad's along the Lahave this morning. Just take away most of the floating ice, and add Conrad nearly pulling my arm off to get at the ducks in the park! ;-)
    Sounds like your New Year is starting with a bang indeed - felicitations! Nice work w. your fancy new camera, too. Have you got it all figured out yet? Tee hee! - n

  6. grrrrrrrrl, wow. spectacular photographs. amazing even. I would love to visit such a wintery oceany place. V said I got a package with a "merci" stamp on it. that means my giclee is here! TOmorrow I will got hte studio and retrieve it. cant wait. great affirmations btw. we need to talk - now I need a life coach. lol

  7. Your wonderful happiness and success is well deserved. It is what I wished for you so many times, following your blog over the years.
    I have absolutely loved seeing this story unfold.
    May this year add further abundences of bliss, creativity and contentment swirling around Black Street,with such beautiful photographs to add testament to it all!xxx

  8. Lovely pictures, lovely dog, lovely words!

  9. Oooo...So happy you are doing so well!

    You have been working for it...

    Beautiful photos Susan. Your new Camera?

  10. your world fascniates me and I think I love your winter photos outside with your dogs the best.

    :-) Happy New Year!

  11. Doesn't look like you have any more snow on the Fundy side, than we have here on the Atlantic.

    Glad you affirmations are having such a positive effect on your life.

    Sybil in Eastern Passage, NS

  12. Thanks for these affirmations - and for the gorgeous winter scenes in today's post - much appreciated. I've been dealing with things that have tended to make me rush, and that brings anxiety - the affirmations seem most appropriate. I'm glad you're loving it.

  13. Amazing landscape where you live :0


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