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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

white, white, white & ice - this morning - the harbour is quite suddenly filled with ice

If you're not making mistakes
you're not trying hard enough

Seth Godin

• that quote :)
• a healthy, happy Miss Winnie Dixon who turns 13 this month
• a hot steaming face cloth - my mini spa experience
• a sharp exacto blade ... sigh
• having Miss Mojo back in the 'hood - phew !
• taking inspiring e-courses - Hello Soul, Hello Business
• an hour phone chat with Deanne which felt like I took a creative energy pill
• planned bi-monthly creative get-togethers with Deanne
• banana soy milk smoothies - not sure why I'm drinking soy milk ? but I am
• +C temperatures again after a wee spell of wind chills
• coffee in bed each morning with my journal
• this video about the business of creativity by Tara Gentile
• fleece & down
• marathon Mad Men watching - borrowed from our library (I know we're very late to the game)
• pondering & scheming the streamlining of my game plan
• a very tidy desk & office
craftypod podcasts
• this favourite David Gray song which skipped into my memory from out of the blue


  1. Oh Miss Winnie, I am so happy you are healthy and content. Here's to more years of crab dissection and long walks along the shore.

  2. Big paws up for Winnie D and tons more long walks...they keep us all young! Tail wags. ~moose

  3. 13! No wonder she looks so dignified. Happy birthday, Winnie!

  4. Happy 13th, Winnie!

    Oh good, mistakes are OK. One sometimes feels one does nothing other than make mistakes... so that's gotta be a lot of OK then?

  5. I really like this post and am glad I'm not the only one who appreciates a hot face cloth. Also, three cheers for libraries!

  6. thanks from Miss D for the birthday wishes ! & yes Amanda 3 big cheers for libraries - now with the digital media lending capabilities + movies, TV series, magazine & books - it's CRAZY not to be a library goer.

  7. happy birthday miss winnie d. Susan, how do you cram so much in a day? Once again -wow those E-courses are high dolla - you better have an empire when they get done with you. Thanks for all the links and podcasts///Lord knows i could use a swift kick in the arse.

    You like MadMen? Its lovely to look at itsnt it? everybody loved Draper, but Im a roger sterling gal. if you havent started Downton Abbey already i highly recommend it.

    add a drop of almond oil to that hot face cloth. aaaaaaahhhhhh

  8. Amen to Chickie, Downton Abby and Cramford.

  9. I've just ordered Downtown Abbey from the library - we're so lovin' MadMen - the sets, the furniture, the clothes, the lipstick all that mid century modern visual yumminess - not to mention the drinking, the smoking, the drinking, the misogyny ;-)

    I actually love January Jone's character & love Joan her full figure, her walk & her big ta-tas

    Chickory I saved 65 British pounds by signing up early & paid for it in 3 installments so it didn't seem "that' expensive ... I'm hoping it helps - I'm struggling "big time" with combining the business part of a creative business (which come to find out) most Creative types do struggle with.

    Here's a link to an interview with Lisa Congdon .99 cents you must get it - she rocks ! so much good helpful &inspiring stuff in this interview (too long a link I've emailed it to you).

    Shammy ... nothing from Ryan :O

  10. NO! january jones' "betty" rivals mommy dearest for icy bitch mom. but yeah, she plays it well. My favorite MM woman was Rachel Menken. the department store heiress. loved her.


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