open heart

Saturday, January 14, 2012

gorgeous !!! as Ira Glass says "have good taste" I think I do - Eloise Renouf's stunning work

paint your face with the colour of hope
tempt the future with an open heart

Diego Torres

perhaps the most challenging of all ...
opening your heart
& I mean really opening it

Today's one & only to-do aside from a bunch o' cooking (which somehow never feelss like a to-do) - tidying up CE* headquarters with chief assistant Oliver who's finally back in the office after an extended sick leave - Feline Upper Respiratory nastiness brought to us (or to the cats) by the ginger kitten Bucky (who I do miss intensely ... but know he's in a great home) - that face.

oh & please go here to see a link with no love - erggghhhhh - brazen use of my santa NO credit

CE* - creative empire


  1. interesting....a "web" designer, and no link to get in touch with him? mom says he is not very nice. Glad to hear your assistant is back at it...
    tail wags,

  2. maybe he'll see the traffic to his site & wonder ? I'm hoping somehow it will link back to me ... I don't mind the PR ... but it ain't PR now is it - if there's no credit. erggghhhhh

    happy weekend - woof

  3. How did you find out about it Susan? I once had someone duplicate a full blog post I did, it was creepy and I have no idea what can be done about it.

  4. Hi Sara ! somehow his site showed up as a referral to my susan black design blog. I was shocked (as he does link & give credit to others). I can't figure out how to contact him & tell him to credit me ... or else

    foot stamping + furrowed brow


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