chartreuse + black

Monday, January 23, 2012

gorgeous & I mean gorgeous wallpaper from Harlequin UK

chartreuse & black
colour palette love
& stuff I covet

we're dancin' as fast as we can, can ... here atop the TTD* these recent days - ya ! huh !!

*TTD teak topped desk

oh my, big time illustration love, le lovely loch monster art by Amy Sullivan - bonjour Nessie


  1. Oh man, that wallpaper reminds me of this horrible black wallpaper with silvery reeds and pink swans that infested the bathroom of the old house we moved into when I was a kid. Eek! My mother couldn't peel it off fast enough! I like the design, but the colours - ugh.

  2. Hey n. it's so funny because the colours I like to work with are much different than the colours I want to live with. I'm pretty much stuck in the pale to rich dark neutral groove at home. creamy whites through & chocolates & charcoal greys - my new colour fixations. Am dying to repaint my studio/office space a very dark warmish grey xos

  3. Lovely colours, although my current fave is charcoal grey. Google Farrow & Ball paints, and have a look at Downpipe.....

  4. I LOVE this print! I just bought it over at Amy Sullivan's ETSY shop! Thanks for sharing!

  5. love the flowers/tree!! gorgeous colours and shapes...


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