Saturday, January 21, 2012

this morning's fresh snow fall, gorgeous orange golden early light, a silly Miss D & kitten love

There is no such thing
in anyone's life

as an unimportant day

Alexander Woolcott

So ... I'm taking this amazing e-course with Beth Nicolls & Kelly Rae Roberts (it began on Monday) this first week we've been tasked to ask ourselves a huge, big, long, list of big & profound questions one of which is to think back to a peak experience or time in your life

Think back to something that has happened to you that you would describe as a ‘peak experience’. This could be a wild adventure, or a moment of exquisite happiness, or sense of true aliveness. By ‘peak experience’ we don’t mean the most amazing thing you have ever done. We mean an experience when you felt truly alive, and where your positive emotions were so strong that you can actually remember how you felt that day.

I barely had to think about my answer - a resounding NOW, Uh ! Huh ! this very moment ! Now how cool is that ? I've never felt so alive, so excited, so ready, so hopeful, so challenged, so motivated ... I'm at a big ol' sweet peak ... & there will be lots more peaks, I'm confident of that.


  1. Lovely! Stay positive, it suits you!

  2. I didn't know you had conjoined kitties?

  3. Love the question!!! I'm going to think about it. I maaaaayyyy blog about it but can't guarantee it. Heh.

    Those cat pictures made me go all "awwwwww" - reminded me of my girls when they were babies, all smooshied together. Note: they were not furry!

    The snow pics bring on intense pangs of jealousy over here, just so ya know.

  4. I'm with Rachel...I love it when you are soaring. The curled up kittens make me want to lie down...zzzzzz

  5. That's a special thing to be able to say :) And that's a special cat picture - they make a heart shape - sweet.

  6. i just wanna fall into that pile of kittehs!! <3


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