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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Tiny Life No.7 - 8x 10 giclee print (image size 7 x 7) available here

In the beginning I had this original 8 x 8 canvas for sale in my etsy shop, thankfully no one bought it because now I love it & can't imagine parting with it - hallelujah to the beautiful giclee prints, such saturated inks, such gorgeous heavy textured 400 gm water colour paper. This piece is another one or those pieces you create that in the beginning you think - meh - no attachment what so ever and over time you begin to stare at it (it's been hanging or leaning in the chocolate brown bedroom a long time) & begin to wonder how it is you actually made such a piece. This mixed media, heavy on the painting, canvas has become a favourite of mine. I want to make more like this, bigger, braver, bolder - I'm afraid.

It's turning out to one of those days. It's bitter cold with howling wind (can you say wind chill), I had a tooth extracted this morning, I have art with kids this afternoon & I do not feel prepared, my office is a mess. The kind of day you mentally tick off the hours looking so forward to the end. Until it's bedtime again. Maybe even tuck in early with a mug of mint tea & my book. Mama needs a little self love & she's a gonna give it to herself.


  1. Ouchy on the tooth. Hoping that time speeds by until a bright new day.

  2. Poor toofers! Give yourself a hug from me.

  3. tooth fairy will come visit! we hear you about the cold + wind + snow...mom will be on Skype for her wordpress class instead of driving. Hope your class went well. The sun will come out tomorrow......
    tail wags,

  4. pretty interior shot with the reflection in the glass. sorry bout ya tooth. i finally cleaned my studio - i havent seen the full couch in there for about a year. LOL. I opened your giclee. its lovely thanks too for the extras! xo

  5. This piece is amazing - i looked and looked at it - so much depth and interest. I'm green! Hope your day finished uneventfully.

  6. I definitely see the appeal of that collage. I'm happy for you that you get to enjoy it.
    I hate tooth problems.

  7. I LOVE my print, so vibrant and rich....I feel happy every time I look at it! Hope that tooth extraction is all healed up now.
    Walter and Me xxx


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