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Friday, January 27, 2012

be as bright as you can be - 9 x 12 - original collage drawing - Susan Black

Here's the thing - well ... here's a thing 'cause goodness knows there's a whole bunch of things, a bunch of tres good things goin' on, happenin' - mostly just with me, inside my head & in my heart. Last night as the Prince & I crawled into bed I said to him I'm so excited ! he smiled a big huge grin. I asked him I'm much better than I was a year ago aren't I ? 100% better ? He said with absolutely no hesitation - way more than 100%

way more than 100% ?
I guess that's pretty good

Looking back at my posts this time last year I don't think I ever expressed clearly how terribly sad & lost I felt. I'd lost myself when I lost my living, my job, my love, my career. I felt ashamed, a failure – I was up & down & down & down so often. This new e-course Hello Soul, Hello Business is so fantastic it takes my breath away, the timing so perfect, the big, life changing creative empire building questions I'm being made to ask myself through this course has my tip toes barely touching the ground. It's all good & because it's all so good, I forget, or don't have time, to notice the big, bad, horrible scary world I know is skulking all around me always. If there's one thing I've discovered about myself - I am resilient. So here's the thing. I love pink ! I love it because it is bright & happy, it feels to me carefree & alive. Pardon, a bit of a ramble this early morning - I'm rushing ... rushing on to the next really good thing.

les messy TTD a work in progress


  1. why ...
    Oui Yes
    madam fitzpatrick

    :-) truth be told I had to think hmmm 30 for 30 what's she talkin' about ? my mind is much, much too full

    30 for 30 ya huh
    so far I'm 2 for 30

  2. Nice... have you been checking in on all the reviews of Altitude Summit?
    Thought you would enjoy this one:
    Tail Wags,

  3. All sounds good to me. Pink is good. Pink rocks!


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