Friday, January 13, 2012

oh my goodness the sky ... oh my goodness the earth ... blessed to have my eyes wide open

Expect your every need to be met.
Expect the answer to every problem.
Expect abundance on every level.

Eileen Caddy

You betcha I will & with pleasure Eileen.

I'll be honest this has been what I would classify as a tres shitty week. I've been feeling blah, overwhelmed, messy, stuck, mojo-less, whiny, lazy, tired ... I could go on & on. Yawn. I have my long list of reasons & ya know what's funny ? - they're all very good things. I have so much goin' on right now, so many opportunities zinging at me & from such diverse directions, opportunities to learn, to grow, to create, to make a better living - to be more & more successful & happy

I need new tools, new skills, new habits & new practices - just to keep up. I'm working on acquiring them all. I need to be my own detail driven creative empire assistant part of the time & then the rest of the time I want to be a wild, brave, unburdened creative person. I can do it. I know I can ... 'cause I have great, great big expectations.

still haven't had a chance to study my new camera's manual - so for now I'm just wingin' it


  1. You are "wingin' it well" my dear...

    I am happy you have so much good coming your way!
    Pace yourself and be very, very good to you.

  2. I love the kitty in the box and the dog's soulful look. I may have missed it, but what type is your new camera? The photos look great.

  3. pretty dang good for wingin' it, I'd say! I love the shot of the sky with the birds way up there - they look like they're about to fly into the bank of cloud. did u guys get that 10cm of wet, slushy snow yesterday? ick! keep up the good/beautiful work! cheers - n

  4. Love that photo of Winnie, Light & Dark.

    Cat in a box. Never are cats as happy as when in a box. Except perhaps when sitting on a keyboard. A warm keyboard.

    Cats are weird.

  5. Thank you sweet AnDee & you too ! Judy it is a Canon PowerShot G12 N. yes but it's all melting 'cause of lovely +8 temps :-) Shammy - uh huh ! weird in a very good way ! xo Susan

  6. If cats give you endless joy then they are indeed a good thing.

  7. You can do it...I know you can.

    It's what you have doing for years and you didn't know it.

  8. It's been a shitty week over here too, as a matter of fact, 2012 hasn't been great so far, what with me, NSA, and two cats being sick, blah. Vet bills are OUTRAGEOUS. But I'm so happy that things are going well for you, and it's SO nice to stop in and visit your little corner of the world. :)

  9. Looks like you have your mojo to me Susan !

    Wasn't yesterday's mild weather something !

    And tomorrow's HIGH is minus nine ! Bundle up for your walk.

    Eastern Passage


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