Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Frida Kahlo 2012 calendar from Taschen

I tried to drown the sorrows but the bastards learned to swim,
and now I am overwhelmed by this decent and good feeling.

Frida Kahlo

I love fish, especially big boldly coloured fish, I love mail, I love packages, especially when the girls in the post office (my now co-workers Sue & Rhonda) say Susan you have a giant parcel ! Not just big, not just large, but g-i-a-n-t. Uh ! Huh !! I love portraits, I am a self confessed calendar freak, I love Frida ... who wouldn't. I love maps, I love globes, I collect them. I love my moon globe. I love globes with different coloured oceans. Along with several shades of blue oceans I now have cream & gold & black (the most coveted of all). I love big kindness. I love love. I love feeling loved. Merci, merci Shammy Sham


  1. You are more than welcome. Globes are HOT right now. Not as hot as Owls but still hot. Packages are always hot. Brightly colored and decorated packages RULE!! Even better? Getting the girls at the Post Office in a fluster over a giant package from the middle of nowhere. That moon globe is still cool.

  2. youbetcha it is !!
    coolest xoxo s

  3. Yay-who doesn't love to receive parcels,and there's Australia peeking out in the last globe photo!
    Great pics as always Susan. Enjoyed the hint of further good works happening at Black Street with the ladder in the background!


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