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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Egyptian Mau Cat - Virgil (with a wink to Kitty & her Mau kitty Lucy) / pinks / the dude Oliver brainstorming (uh huh) / the Prince's amazing Dremel drill kit / Samuel / Queen Anne's lace on the salt mine road / a crow / Sam & his under-the-picnic-table "big dig" / pansies / top secret upcoming project / raspberries from our back garden - Sam loves raspberries ;-) / and finally - herself Missy Winnie Sweet-As-Can-Be Dixon

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  1. Sweet dremel bits, all clean and shiny.

  2. The usual "Wow" for the photos. Sam looks satisfied with the progress of his engineering project.

  3. Your photos just knock me out! And I like how les fur Gang spends Sunday.

  4. You totally took a picture of your Dremel tool. I was all "is that a Dremel tool? I think that's a Dremel tool!!!" Sure enough, it's a Dremel tool. Just when I thought you had reached the heights of coolness, you photographed your Dremel tool. Hahaha Cool has a new standard now.

  5. Just want to second what "John" said! Love your post today!

  6. Love doggie face over the edge of the raspberry bowl ...

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