Friday, July 27, 2012

handsome yes ?? / Missd's new collar / night time bathroom posing - always / through the fence strewn Virginia Creeper a Prince doth mow our lawn / poppies are my No.1 favourite / Sam & Winnie have new tres cool martingale collars from The Mod Dog / the ocean / beautiful wasp with amber wings / tiny, tiny white crysanthenum-like flowers /  peaches, raspberries & cream / fern

it’s really about stepping out of your past and trusting in a fresh, new life. It is freedom from past mistakes, past regrets, unfulfilled dreams. It is a release from immature expectations and old knee-jerk responses and the embrace of mature consciousness. 
It is forgiveness and acceptance – for others, for yourself. 
This week your success lies in looking back at how far you’ve come and finding the beauty in every step of the journey.

Cancer - Tarotscope - the card for this week - Judgement

Hey ! had a lovely long telephone chat this morning with Miss Ande - Chickory herself Shut ! Up !! it's true. We talked about life, art, making a living, art, nature, more about art & the art of being creative, about woods & creeks & dogs & gardens & silence ... and it was all very easy, breezy just like old blogging friends would chat - hoping we'll make a habit of it

Did you know I have a bit of a thang for wasps - beautiful mysterious creatures that they are - an entomologist wannabe am I - I own, and have read several times, this fascinating book about the hunting wasp

Raspberries & cream, peaches & cream ... cream & cream.

Spending the next few days getting ready for my first wee art show here at the village cafe The Chatterbox Opens July 31st - madly framing art & making new art stuff

Listening to Lyle Lovett wafting in my office window - there's a Fest goin' on in this little village - A HarbourFest. Lyle's playin' (not live unfortunately) on the main stage in the park that borders our little harbour and just steps away from where I sit. Love me some Lyle.


  1. congrats on your art show and sending the best of all good things energy to you for the weekend!

  2. What a GREAT post to help us sail into the weekend...any photograph of yours is DEFINITELY a treat!!!

  3. Good luck with your art show and thank you for sharing these images, they are beautiful as always.
    xoxoxo ♡

  4. I am sure the art show was a rowsing success.

    Wish I'd been there ...


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