kings of repose

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hey Bro ! not actual blood brothers I adopted Oliver & Virgil (Gussie) when they were 9 & 6 weeks old

We've been having a stretch, a long stretch of hot, sunny, humid, sultry summer weather. The chocolate brown bedroom has large open (always) windows that face the harbour and they often have a cooling breeze blowing though them - I think that's the main reason the tabby bros seem to be constantly hangin' out there in various acts of repose. They are such a sweet pair.

And that mouse - what a fantastic idea - a velcro belly opening that you fill (& refill) with cosmic catnip - uh huh ! shut ! Up !!

& a ps - we began watching Season 1 of  Nurse Jackie last night (from the library) sooooo good !!!


  1. nice life if ya can get it. lucky fellows.

  2. I started watching Nurse Jackie two weeks ago and I've already made it through to the 4th season! It gets addictive.

    Showtime always seems to have the best shows.

  3. Hey Chick just sent you a w-a-y overdue email ;-) & hey you Mike we love it & can get the first 3 seasons at the library ( I love Edie Falco but the show has many great characters) xox counting the days

  4. Love the cat shots ...

    Never heard of "Nurse Jackie". I'll have to check her out ...

  5. The tabby bros are adorable. How is Spirit Junkie? I literally just added it to my summer reading list last night, so I took it as a good sign when I saw it in that photo!

  6. hey :) just found your blog
    there some really cool stuff,
    and you take some really great photos, congrats

    plus i love your cats there very cute nearly as cute at mine lol :P

  7. I love a cooling breeze coming in the window. I would be right there in that room with them.

  8. Jealous! I want a lay up day with the kitties. :>

  9. LOVE these pics. Relaxed kitties xoxox


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