Sunday, July 8, 2012

local berries from yesterday's Farmer's Market - big, fat whole berries ready for the freezer & the smaller super ripe strawberries sliced to eat dolloped (& I do mean dolloped) with cream ;-) + kitchen reno - uh huh !

Berries & creamy yogurt -  gently fold equal amounts non fat Greek yogurt with sweetened whipped cream (sweeten with your weapon of choice, honey, maple syrup ... we use Splenda) top with strawberries, raspberries or blueberries ... Yum !

When you doubt your power
you give your power to doubt


I woke up anxious yesterday. I felt anxious while I strolled around our Farmer' Market. I felt anxious even as I chatted and smiled with familiar faces, the vendors I see each & every week. With Jane where I buy produce & sausages. With Debbie who was manning (or womanning) Jen's booth for the day (a long time friend who remembered my birthday - how sweet). Again with the other Debbie where I buy 2 dozen eggs (laid by happy chickens) each Saturday. I felt anxious in the library returning a movie. I felt anxioux walking later with yet another Debbie & Maggie Sue (a golden retriever), Sam & Winnie. This Debbie suggesting it might be the barometric pressure as yesterday was an unsettled, off & on, thunder storm filled day. I felt anxious all day, again at dinner ... & all night. It makes me angry at myself that I can't seem to control it.

Danger. Danger.
I can feel it ... but where is it ?

I feel anxious again today. Such a strange and mysterious affliction.

Thank you so much for the many happy birthday comments.


  1. We are both "moon children" Susan... those feelings come with the territory, I think. (My birthday is this week, too.)

  2. Ahh, Susan, I sympathize. Anxious feelings seem to plague us both. I wonder what weapon would defeat them for good?

  3. The foodie photos are mouth-watering.

    Love the other photos too.

    Try not to let those anxious feelings rob you of your joy.

    Happy belated B-Day.

  4. No danger lurking. You are so talented, and things are coming together beautifully. You deserve this success. Enjoy the ride.

  5. So sorry those fear fairies are bouncing around again. Let's hope they'll tire and move on asap.Their cousins are the Princesses of Perfection -who also like to make visits uninvited.
    I'd tolerate and ignore - 'cause after all, they love you to fuss and fret.They give themselves a high five if you slip up, and I've often felt I want to kick their butt!! Show them who's boss Susan.xx


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