love the light

Monday, July 23, 2012

 pink petunias & citrus yellow green creeping jenny hanging basket

Light makes photography. Embrace light. 
Admire it. Love it. But above all, know light. 
Know it for all your worth, 
and you will know the key to photography
George Eastman

If you missed yesterday's post I've finally got our Passionate Observer photo club blog up & running. Please visit (& sign up in the comments section) here. It's got me thinking, of course, of all things photography. Thinking about my own very unconscious photo taking process, my habits, dare I say my technique(s) ;-). I know for sure one habit I have is looking for light - I look for light more than I look for subject because amazing light transforms the most simplest scene or vignette into something magnificent - uh Huh ! 'tis true. So look for the light, love the light ... get to know the light (& take lots of shots from different vantage points up, down, sideways ...

here are 13 views of this morning's petunia filled hanging basket in gorgeous light on our front porch the last of the 13 I think the most expectant - the most regular view.

goosebumpily beautiful song  that I could not embed ;-(


  1. hi Susan
    I looked for the comments link on the PO blog but could not find! Help, I want to sign up!:)

    Cheers, Dalyce

  2. this is the kind of stuff Dalyce that just "sends" me. I can't see the comments on the actual blog - sheesh.

    Maybe if I change the template. Hang in there we will sort this out.Thanks for wanting to join ;-) xo Susan

  3. Gorgeous images of your pink petunias, beautiful light!
    xoxoxo ♡

  4. Just checked in too, to say I can't see the comments on the other blog. But thanks for setting it up, and I'm sure the kinks will get worked out soon enough.

  5. Lovely photos.
    I do the same thing when looking for an image to capture. I look for light, for quiet, for intensity, for shadow and for detail.


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