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Thursday, July 5, 2012

pork tenderloin with orange/garlic/Dijon vinegrette on sauteed spinach with peas roasted garlic + sweet potato fries

Pork Tenderloin with Garlic-Orange Vinaigrette and Sautéed Spinach

omg ! incredibly simple ... incredibly delicious & pretty darn impressive looking. Dinner party for 2 ?

I substituted brown sugar Splenda for the honey, I included the finely chopped zest of the orange (1 large orange should yield 1/4 cup juice). I added finely minced garlic chives to the vinegrette & added peas sauteed in olive oil to the spinach just before serving for texture, shape & more green goodness. And because local fresh peas are available now. An instant favourite recipe !

recipe here* Perhaps some of you paying very close attention might be asking yourself Pork ?? hmmm not part of the usual fare here at Black Street. Nearly 2 months ago our diet & lives were drastically altered by the book Wheat Belly. Read several times by both of us, researched thoroughly by the Prince (a former History professor who's gifted with those researching kinda skills) we've completley shifted the way we eat - the new radical  heart healthy diet. We've said so long to wheat & sugar (not hard at all) & said a big hello to lots of vegetables, lean protein & yes ! Shut ! Up !! butter, cheese, cream. + I've found great local suppliers of pork, chicken & even beef - animals that eat grass, see the blue sky for days at a time & who have happy, cared for lives.

* not a surprise that this recipe originates from Martha - it's so good


  1. Oh great, now my screen has drool on it. ;-)

  2. I just ordered the Wheat Belly book. I tried vegetarian eating recently and gained weight... I think I had too many carbs.


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