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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

collage-a-go-go-go ... go

The best way I manage my perfectionism 
is to try to accept that everything I do 
will be imperfect, and that that is okay.

Susanna Conway

Susanna Conway interview over at the fantastic blog of Dr. of Perfectionism Brene Brown

I am just finishing up No.10 of 12 full blown collage illustrations. I say to Doug at least once daily in my usual melodramatic way this is killing me, this will kill me ... oops maybe I'm already dead. I know I shouldn't kid about such a thing but this has been the hardest (fastest) outburst of creativity that I have ever had to do - and it has been tres difficult. It's a whole lotta work in a specific & relatively short span of time ... the deadline looms. And of course the whole darn process is made so much more difficult (and so much less fun) by the ugly beast, with the shiny shoes - Perfection.

Trying, always, way too hard (to achieve perfection) ... & knowing full well I'd be the first one to admit I don't even know what perfection - or my version of it - looks like. During this creative burst I've been listening intently to my lifeline CBC radio 1 - 2 shows especially I've enjoyed recently, episode after episode, Tapestry (modern spirituality & philosophy) & The Next Chapter (books, authors & Shelagh), listening, filling my ears & thoughts with other stuff so as to hush the demon girl voice in my head continually nattering at me doubtfully about each move, mark, brush stroke or glued piece I make - sigh.

& speaking of sighing ... how about a little Lyle Lovett ?
from his fantastic album Pontiac - every single song a winner

what a gorgeous voice


  1. Being perfect is highly over-rated !

    The CBC Radio 1 is my (almost) constant companion.

  2. Not sure that Miss Perfect has many friends.....


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