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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mike (much adored nephew) in Hong Kong

Change is as good as a rest

Finished one deadline & thrust into another & another ... & another - yikes it's a definite big ol' beautiful case of
be careful what you wish for. Thought I'd mention a few upcoming summertime newsy bits

I've booked a flight (!). I'm going to Toronto for the Toronto Gift Show where my new jewellery collection (hopefully) will be launching and I'll be staying with Michael - hooray ! 3 nights 2 days.

Haven't booked a flight since 2004 which was an unbelievable Cinderella-like travel year for me. Beginning in January when best friend & designer gal MLou and I went to Paris (my 3rd visit to that incredible city) for a week to be stunned & inspired by the beauty & the glory of the city itself and of the huge Maison Objet Gift & Home Decor show. Then in April, I was working with Jerry Kohl and the fabulous LA base company Brighton Collectibles and was invited to go on a 6 day, 5 star trip to Hong Kong, Taipeii & into mainland China - Shut !! UP !! Hong Kong a beautiful and amazing city, part modern concrete jungle part lush green rainforest jungle - would go back in a blink. Then back for a 10 day stint working in Los Angeles at the main Brighton headquarters - a once in a life time, complete fairytale trip that I still feel incredibly grateful for. & that August I went to New York for the New York International Gift Show and much walking and touring around on foot. I do love those condensed walking cities like Paris, Hong Kong & NYC. Petite jet-setter that year, was I ;-)

I'm teaching my first collage/mixed media workshop at the ChatterBox Cafe pop-up art space (if you live nearby I'd love to see you). Sunday August 19th 1-4pm. Please call 902 243-2769 to register

I'm having my first little art show - beginning July 31st also at the ChatterBox Cafe pop-up art space.

An overnight visit from Molly - on her way back to school end at the end of August, beginning of September. Uh Huh ! Molly - much adored niece, sister of Mike - I'm hoping she'll stay a few nights

just heard this song ... on fav CBC radio 1 morning show Q - Robbie Robertson (with the BoDeans) xoxo


  1. Exciting times for you, Susan. Looking forward to when you can reveal some of your latest designs.

  2. Am emailing you for more detail. There's a slight chance that my Toronto friend may not have left for Vancouver when you're launching your jewellery.....

  3. What an amazing photo!

    I just miss you! I would've loved to meet up there....I'll be in TO on the 16th.

    SO happy for you Susan!

  4. I missed your birthday!? Happy Birthday!! have a wonderful trip - youve certainly earned a good time. xo

  5. all exciting news - hope I can make it to Pugwash for your course! - very exciting!

  6. This is so exciting! I can't wait to see your jewelry collection. Cheers.


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