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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

8 x 10 mixed media collage on coffee stained water colour paper - Susan Black

oh my ... today is supposed to be day 1 of a 7 day staycation - ya huh ! who am I kiddin'.

In hindsight it was kind of a silly idea, one I planned weeks ago as a physical & emotional prize/reward for drivin' it as hard as I have been for the last many months. Deadline after deadline after deadline - shocking myself to pieces honestly (who is that masked gal) with the stick to it, no dithering, cruisin' along like a jet plane on fire 'tude.

Perfectionism with a timeline - oops there's the bell ! hands up and walk away from the desk - it's as good as it gonna get girlfriend. Next !!

So here we are on the eve of August and I'm pretty close to being all caught up. My in-box is almost empty. I'm suffering a little from that doin' spell - you know the one where suddenly after the non stop-a-go-go cha-cha-cha of doin' winds down you don't really know quite how to put the breaks on and shift gears and even worse, shhhh ... I almost don't want to - yikes ... I've been using my super-power care (in a definite OCD* kinda way) at full capacity & my batteries are drained, my neck & shoulders are sore & I should have, I need, some re stuff in my life

some relaxin', some rehab, some rethinking - where am I going this last half of 2012 ? Where do I wanna go ? How 'bout some more reinvention, revolution, a lil' releasing, more renewal, a petite retreat - I've shown myself these last 6 months what I'm capable of  ... now I want these last 5 months of 2012 to absolutely kick ass  ... but with a little rest in between.

*OCD - an intense & obsessed attention to meticulous detail - a fatal flaw and a gift at the same time

& lastly the tres appropriate song stuck in my head on this morning's walk with the D girl ;-)


  1. Both this and the last piece are spectacular and so detailed. Love those patterns. msut have taken your YONKERS! Great job, as always, Susan!

  2. I'm deeply enamoured with this piece. Very reminiscent of batik and yet so different. What great talent you have.

  3. enjoy your staycation and REgain some of your marvelous self!

  4. boom boom boom
    even brighter than the moon moon moon ;)


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