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Friday, March 15, 2013

oh my, those sweet, skinny, shaggalicious lil' legs & feet xoxo / pink palette / Juicy & Winnie checking out the ice / a very large puddle / Bee & Juice and a blue sky morning / more Brave Intuitive Painting a la Flora Bowley / a little powder room reno / handsome tabby Virgil / the ice is leaving / Oliver & Bleet

Winged Tapestries exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History - photographer @
A new breathtaking film (watch the trailer) about glaciers & global warming called Chasing Ice via Lisa Congdon


  1. Susan - thanks for posting the link to that trailer. Wow! I'm in awe and want to see that movie.

  2. Hope you get to see the Movie, it is truly fantastic! Loving all the photos... looks like you are saying good-bye to winter :-)
    Tail wags + happy Friday. ~moose

  3. Stunning trailer. Pity I haven't heard of the movie. I think it's one that deserves a wide audience.

  4. The Prince strikes again! He certainly has got his money's worth out of that ladder.


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