the dreaded dither

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

top - hand drawn from the amazing Lisa Congdon bottom - found on Pinterest author/artist unknown

These two truths speak to me quite loudly currently. I know I am super fortunate that I managed long ago to choose a work life that is also my passion - it's a love life. It's a career that has me never ever thinking of retirement, why would I want to retire ? In fact I love what I do more & more & more all the time, it truly just gets better, I feel more committed and my skills, creative ability & my confidence all growing in leaps and bounds. That's the good part.

The bad part, well it's not really bad it's more frustrating, that being your own boss, being the captain (and crew*) of my big ship Empress Creative means I pretty much have to think of everything and that sure can get overwhelming at times. And overwhelm with me almost always morphs into doubt, doubt to fear, fear strips my confidence and I end up with the ultimate productivity killer - the dither.

The creative kiss of death ... the dreaded beast of indecision.

Sometimes I think I try to do too many things. Sometimes I think I know I try to do too many things. Ya know Jill of all trades ... master of none. But it feels like everything I currently do - I want to be doing so it's hard to pare down my list of to-dos and want-to-dos, in fact there are so many would-love-to-dos that I'd like to add to my to-dos but have yet to figure out a how & a when. Efficiency is key I know that and it's something I'm constantly working at getting better at. Streamlining I'm not so good at ... yet.

And ... actually I'm not that busy ;-) & a third truth below, my mantra ( at least for today) I'm Rockin On ! here at the TTD**

* with the exception of course of most excellent all round first mate, cool cat & dude - Oliver
** the beautiful & loved teak topped desk, Creative Empire headquarters


  1. It really must get tough, I can relate to paralysis by analysis. But please EMBRACE what you're doing and be joyful that you are fulfilling your passion. So many of us follow our passions in a wee 15 minutes of time stolen here and there around full-time jobs and family demands.

  2. You're over-thinking things.

    You're marvellous.
    You're clever.
    You're successful.


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